How to Find the Best Tactical Flashlights

Best Tactical FlashlightsWhether you’re a police officer, in the military, a survivalist or an avid hunter, you know just how important it is to have a reliable tactical flashlight. Even for the everyday person, a tactical flashlight is great tool to have. In this post, we’ll explain what they are, why everyone should have one and how to find the best tactical flashlights.

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

Simply put, a tactical flashlight is designed for tactical purposes (e.g. military or police). Most are designed to be mounted to a weapon for use in low-light situations, but handheld models are also available. Tactical flashlights are generally smaller than your conventional flashlight, and they emit more light. And of course, most are made from rugged material to provide the utmost in durability.

Tactical flashlights are generally designed for police or military use, but they’re also great for self-defense.

Why Everyone Should Have the Best Tactical Flashlights

When it comes to self-defense, you may be surprised by how useful a flashlight can be. Tactical flashlights, in particular, can:

  • Distract attackers: Shining bright light in an attacker’s eyes will temporarily blind and disorient them. That gives you enough time to flee or attack.
  • Help you identify attackers: If you’re in a low-light environment, a tactical flashlight can help you identify and deter attackers. Let’s face it – attackers don’t want to be seen, so shining a bright light on them and blowing their cover may be enough to send them running the other way.

What to Look for When Buying a Tactical Flashlight

Remember, tactical flashlights are very different from your ordinary household flashlight. When buying one, there are quite a few things you should be looking for.

  • Lumen output: To act as a self-defense tool or for police/military use, a tactical flashlight needs to emit more light. Look for flashlights with at least 120 lumens.
  • Small: Tactical flashlights should be small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Durability: Look for flashlights built with rugged materials, like hard anodized aluminum, that can stand up to extreme use.
  • Bulb type: LED bulbs are ideal because they have a long lifespan, but incandescent flashlightsare less expensive.
  • Waterproof: Whether you’re using your flashlight for true tactical purposes or emergency situations, you need to make sure it will work in every situation. A waterproof flashlight will work in the rain and wet conditions.

When you’re backed into a corner, a tactical flashlight can act as a great self-defense tool, and its bright light makes it an excellent choice for military or police use. The next time you purchase a flashlight for your home, pick up a tactical flashlight too – you never know when you might need it.

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